Event Centre and Accommodation

By 2020 our goal is to create an atmosphere of the Olympic village in the University town of Smolensk state Academy of Physical culture, Sports and tourism, which is located in the center of Smolensk.

The campus is equipped with a full range of conference rooms and sports facilities, which include gyms, swimming pool, track, physiotherapy rooms and others. In the center of events there will be a meeting of the officials of the team.

The official event Center 2020 WUC orienteering will be located in Arena-Hotel.

Athletes and officials will be accommodated in the hotel "Arena", which is located on the territory of the University and was built in 2015. Participants will be accommodated in double rooms.

Meals will be organised for the participants. As for the menu, all meals will be served as a buffet with a mixed variety of meat and fish, accompanied by rice, potatoes or pasta and a variety of vegetables and salads. The menu will take into account different religious and dietary preferences. The menu will feature national and European cuisine.

On some days, due to the busy schedule, lunch, including hot meals, will be served at the finish race arenas.

For teams interested in an earlier visit to Smolensk, the sports center is happy to make an offer. Please contact Anastasia by

e-mail: byshevskaiaeco@gmail.com